Helping you obtain peace of mind! Enlist Nanny Stella’s services to bring peace, and serenity to your home. Nanny Stella is available for telephone or in-person consultations. Let Nanny Stella help you navigate through your current parenting problems, and offer you the support and tools that you need to be the best parent. Telephone consultation pricing starts at $195.00 and varies based on services required. In-person consultation starts at $395.00 when home is in Los Angeles area.


Discuss one-on-one your concerns about your children. Receive a clear plan and a follow up call to keep your family on the right path.

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Discuss in-person your concerns and allow Nanny Stella to observe your family dynamics first-hand. In her non-judgmental, approachable style, Nanny Stella will share with you tools and tips that will have you asking, why didn’t I call her sooner?

• Scheduling
• Structure
• Routines
• Education
• Milestones
• Discipline
• Respect
• Sleeping
• Sharing
• Behavior
• Nutrition

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Looking for a reliable, loving caregiver? Through her professional network of friends and colleagues, Nanny Stella has immense resources to find exactly what you need. Not sure of what you need? Nanny Stella will help you with that as well.

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