For 28 years, Nanny Stella has positively impacted the lives of families all over the world, with her expertise and passion as a solution-based family consultant. Stella is a real-life British Nanny, and is regarded as one of the top authorities on parenting. As an author, former TV star, and consultant to celebrities and families, her renowned parenting methods are accredited and proven.

Parents reach out to Nanny Stella for her no-nonsense approach to family structure. Children love Nanny Stella for her genuine concern, and her loving discipline. The boundaries that Nanny Stella sets creates happy and secure children; as well as a family dynamic that fosters harmony in the home. Nanny Stella teaches families the tools needed to find balance, and produce a loving environment.


Stella lives in Los Angeles with her husband Mike and their 5-year-old son Mason, they call him the smiling assassin. Stella says after 28 years she has met her match in Mason. Stella continues to help families on a one on one basis by offering private consultations, and through her speaking engagements. She also travels the country delivering workshops. Whether a family is feeling overwhelmed, the children are out of control, or new parents are feeling insecure, Stella always has the answer: “Never fear, Nanny’s Here!”