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Laser Maths is a fantastic library of lessons and tutorials created for absolutely anyone who wants to improve their maths skills. Whether you are a student learning for the first time, a parent trying to remind yourself of forgotten skills or maybe you are upskilling to get a new job, we can help you.

Our lessons are written by expert maths teachers and cover the knowledge needed to achieve skills for functional skills level 1, 2 and GSCE.
With Laser Maths you will be able to access high quality, professionally written maths lessons. This will make your learning experience not only convenient but also much more enjoyable. You can learn privately and at a time and a pace that suits you.

This Laser resource was developed specifically for learning maths and provides knowledge to cover functional skills level 1, 2 and GCSE.
56 lessons, each broken into portions to make it easy to digest.

Learning materials are varied in order to suit every Personal Learning Style and include bespoke video tutorials, presentations, reading materials, example exam questions and quizzes.

You have the option to repeat lessons as many times as you want or need to. You can bookmark a lesson to go back to and track the ones which you have already covered. The resources are at your fingertips 24/7 and are always available when you feel ready to learn.