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Learning outcomes:

  • Learner will be knowledgeable about how to keep children safe and healthy
  • Learner will understand their responsibilities with regard to smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs
  • Learner will be knowledgeable about what to expect from the children they are responsible for

Advantages of this course:

  • This course offers information to both experienced parents and grandparents, and also to those new to the role. Information about illnesses and health issues are included in this course – such as smoking, drinking, and drug usage that affects both adults and children; areas where the advice changes regularly. It is important for anyone looking after children to be aware of the latest information about safe sleeping and how to sport signs of illness in a baby and young child; information included in this course.
  • The course also contains links to the UK government’s definitions of parental rights and responsibilities
  • Additional activities encourage the learner to reflect on the learning
  • There is also suggested extra reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge

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