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Personal safety for lone or remote workers


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This short course is aimed at lone or remote workers, either currently employed or planning to undertake a role which involves lone working. This course may also be of interest to those who manage staff who can be defined as a lone or remote worker. This course will look at ways in which you can protect yourself when travelling to and from appointments, in a remote office, in a client’s home / premise, or your own home.

Learning outcomes:

  • The learner will understand the importance of carrying out a risk assessment before undertaking any lone or remote working, and will know how to do this formally and informally
  • The learner will know the health and safety risks posed by lone working
  • The risks of work-related violence or crime can increase when you work on your own, or when travelling. This course will help learners to guard against this, and should they encounter violence or crime, know how to respond.

Advantages of this course:

  • Accidents happen and situations arise, and you owe it to yourself and your family to make sure that you minimise risks wherever possible, and you are as prepared as you can be for a variety of situations. This course will help you to do this.
  • Website and video resources are utilised to explain the information further
  • Additional activities encourage the learner to reflect on the learning
  • There is also suggested extra reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge