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The irresistible classroom


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In every classroom, the child does the learning, the teacher facilitates that learning, and the environment must support them both. This course looks at how Reception and Key Stage 1 classrooms can inspire education.
This short course, aimed at those working with children in a classroom setting (Foundation and Key Stage 1), looks at the impact the classroom can have on a child’s learning and development.

Learning outcomes:

  • The learner will gain an appreciation of the positive effects a well thought out classroom arrangement has on a child’s desire to learn
  • The learner will understand how the environment stimulates curiosity, initiative, creativity, confidence, interaction, and perseverance – the how of deep-level learning
  • The ways in which children learn will be explained to learners, this includes movement, curiosity, imagination, creativity, hands-on experience, and play
  • The learner will know how to create a good classroom arrangement that empowers children to make choices and think for themselves, as well as inspiring learning

Advantages of this course:

  • Some children may struggle more than others to concentrate in particular classroom set-ups, for example a child with Autism will not cope well with a room where everyone is wearing read and sitting on red chairs at read tables. This course will help learners to arrange their classroom in a way that allows all children to concentrate and feel comfortable.
  • A good classroom arrangement is not just for the children, you should also feel like you have a joyful and safe space to spend time in. This lesson will consider ways in which you can use the space creatively to create a classroom which everyone looks forward to using.
  • Reading texts, website, and video resources are utilised to explore how classrooms can inspire learning and additional activities encourage the learner to reflect on the learning

This course was created in partnership with Community Playthings