I know you are going crazy worrying about the safety/welfare of your little one, you had your way you would want to put him/her into a padded room and let them out when they are much for a long time, sorry not realistic.

You can’t house proof your child but there are some things that you can do to ensure “prevention rather than cure”


Ensure that you or anyone else looking after your child is CPR trained/certified, thus ensuring all concerned know what to do in case of an accident/emergency and also know the signs to look for and how to react after those things have occurred.


Always have your supplies within close reach, ensuring that you don’t move away from the area. Always have eyes and a hand on your child. You don’t want to run the risk of your little one falling from the changing table or the bed or another elevated place that you might be using.


Get organized with a all your supplies before you begin NEVER leave your baby unattended in the bath.

Put your baby to sleep in a safe environment ie a crib where the slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. No missing or broken hardware, no jagged or sharp edges especially if this is a hand me down. A firm, tight fitting mattress, with a well fitted crib sheet. No soft bedding and no adult bedding. Safety certification seal on new cribs.

Always think “back to sleep” according to studies babies who sleep on their backs have a much lower risk of SIDS and suffocation.

Choking risks

Always read the labels on packaging on toys. Discard the plastic wrapping out of the reach of children. Keep an eye out for small parts that they could choke on, even sibling’s toys may be a choking danger to your little one. Think “golf ball”, smaller is a potential choking risk. Balloons are very appealing but once popped are a serious choking hazard.

Child proofing

Keep poisons, chemicals and cleaning products out of reach, preferably locked away. Install child latches to cabinets and drawers, I have seen some people use a thick rubber band. Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.

It is your job to maintain a safe environment for your child but at the same time you need to teach your child what is acceptable/safe behavior. If you don’t train your child not to touch certain things and not to play in certain places then what will happen when they go to visit another house. When you see him heading into play with the water in the toilet basin then redirect him but until he’s of age to use the potty then keep the door closed.

Remove furniture that can be a stepping stone to windows and ledges, install latches to ensure the windows can only open so far. Fit the sharp edges of tables with table padding.

Until you can teach your child to not touch the breakables then put them out of reach.
Remember, your child needs to be able to explore his environment without the risk of hurting himself or your prized Lladro.