Nanny Matchmaking

Nannyology Matchmaking

We know that success is ultimately about human behavior; it is the blend of personalities and timing, finding the right candidate for the right family at the right time. We take the necessary time to understand the unique needs of each family and childcare provider, ensuring great outcomes with matchmaking. Nannyology aims to ensure that the matchmaking process enhances the lives of both families and childcare providers alike. Let our extensive screening and experience find an exceptional match for your family.

Online Learning Courses

Foundation Practice for Nannies

CACHE is a UK based organization that was established in 1945 by the Ministry of Health under the name of the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB). The board set the syllabus for the first national examination which took place in 1947. In 1994, the NNEB merged with the Council for Early Years Awards to form CACHE. In 2001 they incorporated the National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare and in 2015 they became part of NCFE.

A CACHE Endorsed Customised Qualification is designed to give formal recognition to an organization’s courses, such as programs designed to enable professional development. On completion of this Endorsed Customised Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement from CACHE, as well as a joint certificate of completion from and Nanny Stella, Inc.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching with Nanny Stella

During this virtual or telephone consultation, Nanny Stella will share some of her wealth of knowledge from a storied career in the childcare industry. The goal of these sessions is to help empower up-and-coming nannies to transform into experts in childcare and give advice on how to conduct themselves in a business-savvy manner.

Educational Tools

Bite-Sized Bargains

These informative and helpful resources will assist you with common challenges a nanny might face while working in the childcare industry. Download these PDF files and save them for easy reference.

Nanny Stella Reid will share parenting tips and tricks she has learned over her thirty-year career in the childcare industry. Featuring a video and written guide in each email, every parent and nanny will take a lesson away from this series. Sign up today for a more peaceful and understanding home life tomorrow!