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Stella Reid

Over her 34 years in the childcare industry, Nanny Stella has helped families all over the world live a more peaceful life at home. You may be familiar with Nanny Stella from her work on the hit television show Nanny 911 or one of the many books she’s written. You may not know that Nanny Stella is a real-life British nanny and dedicated parent coach who is eager to help families thrive. She’s always looking to help train and develop nannies to reach their full potential with the goal of helping make perfect nanny/family placement matches.

After becoming a parent herself, Nanny Stella is more determined than ever to make a meaningful difference as a parent coach as she now understands some of the struggles parents face firsthand. Whether Nanny Stella is working with a celebrity client or a regular family, her solutions-based approach is accredited and proven. Her non-judgemental, no-nonsense style means she helps families develop a plan to achieve their goals and then helps them stay the course with the ultimate goal of helping families live a happy and peaceful life.

As a nanny coach, Nanny Stella is extremely passionate about sharing the business knowledge she’s learned over her career with childcare professionals of all levels. Nanny Stella aims to share the benefits of her experience through structured coursework and personal coaching. Whether a client is experiencing difficulties with childcare techniques or business practices, Nanny Stella takes pride in helping her clients reach the next level in their career.

In 2021, Stella was proud to introduce her newest venture in the childcare industry when she launched Nannyology: A Stella Reid Agency. Placing the utmost importance on using scientific methods to make nanny/family matches that will be beneficial to both parties in the relationship. The new service allows her to help even more families with her practical knowledge of nanny matchmaking.

Nanny Stella lives in South Carolina with her husband Mike and her eleven-year-old son Mason. When she isn’t working she enjoys donating time to local charitable organizations, spending time with the family, and enjoying a cup of tea.

Speaking Engagements 

Nanny Stella is available for speaking engagements to groups, businesses, and clubs. She loves sharing her insights and being able to help families achieve their true potential.

Previous Personal Appearances:

  • Prevent Child Abuse America, Keynote Speaker
  • The Calgary Home and Garden Show
  • Press Conference California 5, Pasadena
  • Women’s Expo Memphis
  • The Edmonton Home and Garden Show
  • NW Women’s Show, Seattle, WA
  • California 5, Sacramento Kid’s Fitness Challenge (Govt Program)
  • One Small Voice, Charity Organization, Los Angeles
  • Women’s Expo, Detroit
  • National Child Abuse Prevention Organization, San Diego
  • Alabama women’s Show
  • Orlando Women’s Sow
  • Women’s Show, New Jersey


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